There is growing evidence the pandemic is inspiring more kids to become interested in STEM, due to an increased appearance of medical experts on TV and the proliferation of good science communication COVID-19 has inspired.

And now to continue along this vein, Simon & Schuster has announced plans to publish a book about Dr. Anthony Fauci, the American physician-scientist and immunologist that is guiding the U.S. response to COVID-19, serving as the chief medical advisor to the president.

The book, written by Kate Messner and illustrated by Alexandra Bye, will be called “Dr. Fauci: How a Boy from Brooklyn Became America’s Doctor,” and has an expected release date of June 29.

Messner tells CNN she interviewed Dr. Fauci several times and drew from public appearances and interviews to create the book.

“Before Tony Fauci was America’s doctor, he was a kid with a million questions, about everything from the tropical fish in his bedroom to the things he was taught in Sunday school,” she told the outlet.

“I’m really hopeful that curious kids who read this book — those we’re counting on to solve tomorrow’s scientific challenges — will see themselves in the pages of Dr. Fauci’s story and set their goals just as high.”