We Rep STEM aims to promote the work of inspiring people in the STEM community. Today, we’re featuring Raechel McKinley, an anatomy Ph.D. student with a concentration in human neuroanatomy at Howard University.

Read on to learn more about Raechel and what her work entails, in her own words.

My name is Raechel McKinley and I’m a Ph.D. Student in Anatomy with a concentration in Human Neuroanatomy.

Anatomy is the study of structures in living organisms from macroscopic to microscopic points of view. There are many different concentrations within the study of anatomy, such as developmental biology, neuroanatomy, histology, organismal biology, and paleontology.

My favorite thing about anatomy is seeing all the variations that occur throughout nature [and] specifically, the human body, showing how unique we all are.

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My lab, which is Dr. Csoka’s lab at Howard University, focuses on epigenetic mechanisms of various stimuli such as pharmaceutical drugs and inflammatory agents in different cell types and disease models.

For those that are interested in learning more anatomy, check out the American Association for Anatomy for more information.

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All photos courtesy of Raechel McKinley.