Photo courtesy: Unsplash/Arif Riya

An October survey of more than 1,100 employees in the U.S., U.K., France, and Germany, reveals 61 per cent — or 3 in 5 people — have either witnessed or experienced on-the-job discrimination.

The data, compiled by the job site Glassdoor, is reminiscent of a separate, U.K.-based study focusing on LGBTQ workers in STEM fields. Here, about a third of the 600 respondents said they had considered quitting their jobs due to discrimination.

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Discrimination can manifest in several ways, from outright bullying to “microaggressions” — subtle and casual comments that reveal and reinforce unconscious bias. 

Here’s a breakdown of the data from the Glassdoor survey. Our inspiration for creating this graphic comes from Statista.