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STEM Profile: Dr. Erin McGillick, fetal & neonatal physiology Research Fellow at the Hudson Institute of Medical Research & Monash University

My name is Dr. Erin McGillick and I am a fetal and neonatal physiology Research Fellow at the Hudson Institute of Medical Research and Monash University. I am also currently a director of the Australian Society for Medical Research.

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Howard University receives largest gift in its history to fund STEM programs

Photo: Howard’s KARSH STEM Scholars Program participants. Courtesy: Howard U. Howard University has announced plans to invest in its STEM programs, following a $10 million gift from the Karsh Family Foundation. It is the largest gift the institution has received in its 153-year history. Howard’s Bison STEM Scholars program — an initiative founded in 2017 to increase the number of minority students earning

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Cheating may be under-reported across Canada’s universities and colleges

Sarah Elaine Eaton, University of Calgary Media have reported allegations of creative cheating strategies at universities across Canada, including hacking grades, bribery and breaking into offices to steal exams. Nursing students at Brandon University are facing disciplinary action after a final exam at the end of the fall 2019 term became “compromised.” A spokesperson for the university said the exam

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'Paradox of power': Women in leadership roles face more sexual harassment than others

IMAGE: Johanna Rickne, Professor of Economics at Stockholm University. Courtesy: Magnus Bergström/Wallenbergstiftelserna A higher status in a company does not insulate against sexual harassment, according to new research. It may even amplify it: According to the study from the Swedish Institute for Social Research at Stockholm University (SOFI), which examined corporate conditions in three countries, women in senior supervisory positions are

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Improving access to education by making Braille textbooks cheaper and easier to produce

Currently, textbooks are converted to Braille by trained people who manually re-type the printed version — a process that is time-consuming and expensive. It’s just one of many challenges visually-impaired students face. While text-to-speech technology can alleviate some pressure, many visually-impaired students need to “feel” a textbook to learn, not unlike non-impaired students who need to stare at a formula

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Co-op programs benefit STEM students more than students from other disciplines

STEM students who participate in co-op programs are more likely to find a permanent job that relates to their field, according to a new study from the C.D. Howe Institute. While students from all disciplines appear to benefit from co-op training, STEM students seem to profit more. Analysis of data from Canada’s National Graduate Survey, government-collected statistical information on Canadian post-secondary students collected

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