My name is Anne Chisa, I am Malawian born and currently living and studying in South Africa. I have recently completed my Masters in Agricultural Sciences at the University of KwaZulu Natal.

My masters was not an easy one, and I felt a little bit lost because it was very isolating. My masters’ major was in crop science and purely research so I did not get the chance to interact with my peers. However, I was fortunate to be part of initiatives such as Black Women in Science, which made me connect with people in other areas of STEM.

I guess subconsciously that’s where the seed was planted. It was so fascinating for me to see how wide the net of STEM fields are.

Early this year, I founded a podcast called The Root of the Science Podcasts. I am the host and I interview guests in various fields of STEM. 

The purpose of the podcast is to highlight people who are in the STEM field and give them the opportunity to talk about their research or projects. 

Lastly, I hope by bringing my podcasts into mainstream media I get to inspire others to get into STEM and inspire those who are already in the field to persevere and strive for more after hearing about the prospects available from my guests.

I am also part of an initiative called Visibility in STEM Africa which shares the same mission that I do – making the work of Africans who are involved in STEM visible. 

We are involved in a partnership that will allow me to interview some exciting people in STEM fields. I am excited about the opportunity that this partnership will bring and also the potential of my podcast!  

Connect with Anne:

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