My name is Chad Singleton. I am from Atlanta Georgia. I am a first-year graduate student currently working towards my M.P.H at Southern New Hampshire University. I received my Bachelor’s degree from Atlanta Metropolitan State College in biological science, but my interests have always been in anatomy and environmental science. 

I have worked in multiple laboratories, both professionally and in academia and I am currently an inorganic chemical analyst. As a chemical analyst, I use colorimetric analysis to measure various amounts of phosphorus and nitrogen in water and soil samples. During my undergrad years, I was also blessed to have had the opportunity to participate in two research projects about the inhibition of prostate cancer cell metastasis.

I have always wanted to be a scientist. As an artist and a problem solver, I believe that this career is a perfect marriage of all my passions. I’m just overjoyed that every day I get to help make my environment and my community a little safer. 


  1. Genistein is an isoflavone that can be used to inhibit prostate cancer cell metastasis. This is because genistein acts as a phytoestrogen and an angiogenesis inhibitor.
  2. Angiogenesis inhibitors inhibit a cell’s ability to form new blood vessels, which will lead to programmed cell death (apoptosis).
  3. Phytoestrogens contain anti-carcinogenic properties and can be found in foods such as soybeans and broccoli.

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